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Welcome to "The "Greyhound Inmate Experience."

We invite you to spend a few minutes exploring our site to get better acquainted and learn more about this all inspiring program that touches the lives of so many people.

The Greyhound Inmate Experience is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Michigan organization. Our purpose is to socialize, train, and care for retired greyhounds in a prison environment and to educate the public of the redemptive qualities and rehabilitative benefits of the program.

Every ten weeks twenty greyhounds are put into the care and supervision of forty specially selected and trained incarcerated dog handlers. As the greyhounds transition from racer to pet, people's lives are also transformed. This program touches the soul of everyone connected to it. Learn more about our inspiration,  our adoption partners who find forever homes for our graduates and our Supportive Friends who contribute on an on-going basis...we could not do this without them!


Petco Allen Park Meet and Greet

Usually the 2nd Sunday of ever month

Come out and learn more about the program and meet some of these amazing greyhounds.

Check here always for actual Meet and Greet dates andRonnie, Vic, and Knock a Red, Black and Bridle greyhounds. info Click Here.

TGIE Proudly Celebrates 5 years

Josh a male greyhound who is a therapy dogWe are excited and proud in approaching our five year anniversary. TGIE has graduated over 500 greyhounds in the last five years and over 1000 since the first greyhounds entered in  2006. We want to thank everyone who made this possible and we have exciting news to come. Watch for our updates and accept our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude!

The photo is SJ Josh, a graduate of Session 23

New Photos Session 30

The latest photos of Session 30 are now up. here is a photo of    Link To Gallery

Pengyou from China

Pengyou the dog from China and Gaye Ann Weaver  the TGIE Director"Pengyou" and Gaye Ann Weaver. Pengyou is the greyhound from China that American Greyhounds brought over...

The Free Press Article

Here is a link to some photos here and once your there we have a link to the entire story on the Detroit Free Press site.

 Link to Photos